Offering individualized programs for each horse and rider.

  • Premier training and instruction for horse owners of all ages and skill levels.

  • Lease and Sponsorship Opportunities, while your on the road to horse ownership, or simply exploring options, we can help match you with a horse that will keep you riding and in the show ring.


Horses in the training program receive:

  • Professional training rides as needed for each horse

  • Exercise rides by qualified staff when owners are unable to ride

  • Turnout and blanketing as needed for each horse

  • Access to the equine treadmill

  • A broad range of therapeutic equipment and services

  • Management of all nutrition, veterinary, and farrier needs

  • Handling for all veterinary and farrier needs

Clients in the training program receive:

  • Up to three lessons per week from Legacy's professional instructors

  • First option for clinic participation

  • Special guest instruction and coaching at horse shows

  • Full service grooming at horse shows

  • Management of Horse Show scheduling and logistics